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Stand out from the crowd

Customers will pay a significant premium for brands to which they are loyal. 50% of customers are willing to pay 20-25% more for a brand of choice. (Source: Brandkey)

When you market your business, what role does your brand play? Is it front and centre, or does it sit in the background as an afterthought? In any marketing campaign, your brand will influence every element for better or worse, making brand identity a vital consideration in any marketing application. By partnering with the marketing team at AlphaGraphics, you’ll receive professional guidance in developing and establishing the five elements critical to any brand identity:

•    Brand Position

When it comes to your brand, what does it say to your potential customers? Whether telling people what you do, communicating the benefits of your services or providing unique value to consumers, your brand position is what differentiates you from your competition. The more you can simplify your positioning the more powerful it becomes. Fedex became synonymous with 'overnight', Volvo with 'safety' and Apple with 'innovation'. AlphaGraphics can help you develop a strategy that positions your business for success.

•    Brand Personality

Take a good look at your corporate culture and figure out what it is about your firm that engages your customers. Brand personality is best described as your firm’s ‘human component’. More than just a set of marketing principles, your brand needs to reflect the culture and personality of your company. These brand ‘traits’ tell your current and potential customers just what it means to do business with you, providing a quick and concise context upon which to deliver your key messages.  Assigning human traits and personality to your brand makes both your company and clients stand out from the crowd.

•    Brand Promise

If you think of positioning as the fertile soil that allows a brand to grow and thrive, the brand promise is the brand’s fruit—it’s the expected tangible value that creates desire for a product or service. When your target audience thinks of your brand, they should come to expect a certain level of quality and satisfaction. Simply put, your brand promise tells your customers quickly and effectively what they can expect from you each and every time—guaranteed. When a brand stands for something, or shows a strong level of commitment, the brand gains recognition and loyalty amongst its consumers. Like American Express's commitment to security and Honda's promise to the highest quality.

•    Brand Story

If your company brings authentic value to the marketplace, then people will want to connect with your brand. And one of the quickest routes into the heart of your customer is an engaging story. Whether it has been through craft, skill or simple hard work, there’s a reason your company has found success. More than a simple history of your company, your brand story is your chance to tell your stakeholders about the experiences that have shaped who you are as an organisation. These not only add credibility to your brand, but help build loyalty and show your customers the high level of value they get with the services you provide.

•    Brand Associations

Brand associations are not benefits, but are images and symbols associated with a brand or a brand benefit. When members of your target market think of your brand, they should be able to visualise physical elements, like your logo that represent your company and its products and services. These associations are critical to your brand’s success, as they provide succinct visuals that uphold the integrity of your overall marketing strategy. Creating associations with your brand is one of the most powerful ways to help your brand become an icon - red and white swirls? You think Coca-Cola. A black swoosh, it has to be Nike. AlphaGraphics can help you define and design the symbols that represent your brand, so you can put forth a consistent face to your audience.

•    Copywriting

Clear, consistent content delivered in your brand’s voice is key to effective marketing. Your written materials should be professional, engaging and action-oriented, inciting the recipient to purchase. AlphaGraphics can help you communicate your most important messages in concise, easy-to-digest copy, whether you are developing blog articles, a website, or a full-scale multi-channel marketing campaign.

•    Design Services

Creative, eye-catching design can help your company’s messages stand out. To ensure your communications are making the right impression, you need outstanding graphic designs that make your logo and marketing materials visually stimulating AND professional. Our graphic design professionals can help you create sizzling collateral, branding, and online platforms, so prospects and customers take note—and remember you.

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