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Mailing Solutions

Efficiently distributing marketing materials to your target audience is important, especially if you are sending personalised mail, which must be delivered to the right person at the right address and at a reasonable cost-per-piece.  AlphaGraphics can handle all your mailing needs, from simple to complex.  We can manage the entire mailing process from start to finish, sourcing the best and most competitive solution for getting your item delivered, whether you are sending 1 item or thousands.  Some of the services we offer are:

•    Design

Design is the first step to ensuring that your business gets noticed and makes a good first impression.  To ensure this happens, you need outstanding designs that grab attention, look professional and are visually appealing.

The AlphaGraphics’ team of talented designers have the experience and expertise to develop rich, innovative designs that will enhance your brand and company image, ensuring that your project makes a real impact.

We will do our best to understand your brand, your objectives and your target audience to ensure that we deliver results on time, every time and to your specified budget.

•    Print Management

Go ahead and dream a little.  AlphaGraphics can do just about anything with our specialty printing services. Whether you need help with design and/or layout or just want straight forward print, we’ll assist you with projects of all scopes and sizes and the quality is guaranteed.  We can offer you the full print management service from concept through to delivery, including storage, fulfilment and an easy online ordering solution.

•    Data Acquisition & Management

The key to a successful campaign is having data which is up-to-date and targeted.  This increases response rates and helps keep costs down.  The experts at AlphaGraphics can source you the right list for your campaign, or if you already have a database, we can cleanse it – check the data is up-to-date and remove anyone who has moved or is deceased, de-duplicate entries and make sure it is formatted correctly.  We can also advise you on who to target and how best to go about it depending on whether you want to achieve lead generation, customer retention, cross-selling and/or upselling, customer reactivation, strengthening customer loyalty or just enhancing the customer experience.

Bad data will have a negative impact on any direct marketing campaign, reducing the positive outcome (response, opportunities, leads, etc) by as much as 30%. (Source: SCi Sales Group 2011)

•    Personalised Communications - Make it relevant

When you receive a communication personally addressed to you, you’re much more likely to read it. Personalised communications with customisable content allow you to connect with each individual in your target audience, boosting response rates and building loyalty to your brand. We can help with:

  • personalised mailings - contact your customers on an individual basis
  • complex variable data merges - send different information to each of your customers to increase relevance
  • variable image printing - send different images to each contact
  • variable mapping - send different maps to each contact

AlphaGraphics will help you add that personal touch to your messages, so you can enhance campaign effectiveness, encourage action and generate more revenue.

•    Fulfilment

Cut down on printer wear and tear, free up manpower and save on mailing costs, all when you let AlphaGraphics handle your mailings.  We’ve invested in the latest mailing equipment so we can handle all your mailing requirements with precision quality, speed and at low costs.  We offer:

  • folding - C fold, Z fold, single and double folds
  • envelope enclosing - for a range of envelope sizes
  • envelope addressing - if you'd prefer not to use window envelopes
  • envelope printing - continue your marketing campaign design on to the envelope itself
  • polywrapping - enclose your mailing within a clear polythene wrap

Our dedicated fulfilment and distribution team will ensure your materials are despatched to their destination on time using the most cost-effective solutions.

•    Distribution

It’s difficult to keep up-to-date with the constantly changing postal regulations and all the different suppliers offering different delivery speeds and prices.  It’s hard to know which method is the best and cheapest for your mailing.  When you work with AlphaGraphics, you don’t need to.  We’ll ensure you get the best value for money by sourcing the best and most competitive solution for getting your mailings delivered.  We handle everything from simple to complex mailings and with Royal Mail discounts of up to 30%, depending on the size of your database, we know we can save you money.

•    Email Marketing

To gain maximum impact, you need to communicate with your customers in a variety of ways, so as well as postal mailings we can help you reinforce your message by an email campaign.  No matter the industry, email plays a major role in the day-to-day communications of any organisation. People spend hours a day checking and responding to their messages, making email marketing a key way for you to reach out to potential sales leads.  However, in a sea of email marketers trying to get noticed, how can you truly stand out from the crowd?  AlphaGraphics can help you engage your target audience like never before, using: personalised and general URLs; customised communications; reporting and tracking; and design services.

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