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More traffic = more revenue

Internet users spend 19+ hours a week online. (Source: DMA)

Now more than ever, customers use the web as their primary source for finding the products or services they need. This means that you need an effective online marketing strategy that incorporates a wide range of techniques to drive traffic to your website, improve your search engine rankings and build relationships with your customers through social media. AlphaGraphics is the marketing communications company you can turn to as a comprehensive solution for your online efforts, with services like:

•    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Through effective SEO, you’ll reach more customers by improving your rankings on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Both an art and a science, SEO requires careful research, planning and implementation, but is a worthwhile investment, particularly if you depend on your website to drive a significant portion of your sales. High organic search rankings can increase your clicks and help grow your business as you build credibility with new targets. We can help you develop a customised SEO plan that will boost your online presence.

63% of links that are naturally displayed at the top of search engines get clicks. (Source: Netwirks)

•    Web Design

The Internet is the world’s leading source for information. Whether your focus is local, national or world-wide, your web presence will often shape your customers’ first impressions of your business, and your brand. A professionally designed and organised website will enhance your credibility and incite customers to engage with your company, and with AlphaGraphics as your partner, it’s never been easier to develop an online presence. We’ll help you design a modern, eye-catching website that showcases your brand and Wows your visitors so they will keep coming back.

•    Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

In addition to a sound SEO strategy, consider the use of paid search, or pay-per-click ads, to drive targeted and relevant traffic to your web pages. One of the most effective methods of online marketing available, developing PPC ads is a great way to improve your online conversions and increase brand awareness in today’s highly competitive search market.

Those who clicked through a paid link spent on average £7 more, or £73.99 versus £66.99, than those who travelled to sites via un-paid links. (Source: Engine Ready)

•    Reporting and Tracking

Once your website is live, it’s time to analyse its effectiveness in improving your brand awareness and converting sales. Using website analytics, AlphaGraphics can help you make the right changes to attract more visitors, retain your current customers and boost the amount of money each customer spends while visiting your site.

•    Social Media

Social media has completely transformed the way people interact with each other on a daily basis. However, did you know that social networks like Facebook and Twitter can help you not only promote your business, but also interact with and receive feedback from your target audience? This helps build brand awareness, credibility, and loyalty. AlphaGraphics can help you develop an effective social media marketing strategy that enables you to converse with your customers on a whole new level.

The world spends 22% of its time on social networking. (Source: Pew, Nielson)

•    Copywriting

Clear, consistent content delivered in your brand’s voice is key to effective marketing. Your written materials should be professional, engaging and action-oriented, inciting the recipient to purchase. AlphaGraphics can help you communicate your most important messages in concise, easy-to-digest copy, whether you are developing blog articles, a website, or a full-scale multi-channel marketing campaign.

•    Design Services

Creative, eye-catching design can help your company’s messages stand out. To ensure your communications are making the right impression, you need outstanding graphic designs that make your logo and marketing materials visually stimulating AND professional. Our graphic design professionals can help you create sizzling collateral, branding, and online platforms, so prospects and customers take note—and remember you.

•    Personalised Communications

When you receive a communication personally addressed to you, you’re much more likely to read it. Personalised communications with customisable content allow you to connect with each individual in your target audience, boosting response rates and building loyalty to your brand. AlphaGraphics will help you add that personal touch to your messages, so you can enhance campaign effectiveness, encourage action and generate more revenue.

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